Die Geschichte der Müllhalde Olongapo – erzählt durch unsere lokale gute Seele Amy

People from the landfill

Before, the scavengers get junk from the dumpsite like plastic, cups, spoon, fork, cans, pvc, used papers, broken chairs, tarpaulin and so on, they need to sell them in the junk shop. For every 1 kilo of used cartoon they get only three pesos and fifty centavo (Php 3.50 = 0,60 €). This is not enough for a family even only with 1 kid, and it is a fact that there are many scavengers who have more than three kids.
The life of scavengers in the landfill is really miserable. When Ms. Marilyn, the husband of Marilyn and Mr. Henry Treutner and I arrived in the that place, you cannot imagine how the people could survive there. Most of their kids cannot go to school because of lack of financial needs.
Ms. Marilyn introduced the micro-credit system, with which we will lend them for example now about Php10,000.00 pesos to take care of piglets so that the other waste like vegetables could feed to the pigs. We started with five families.

001Nanay Vella’s Story
Nanay Vella is 70 years old. She is industrious and a religious persons. She goes to the dumpsite every morning to get food for her pig. From the start she has only one pig. She was so happy when luckily her name was picked in the draw-lots. She used the money to fix her pigpen and bought two piglets. Now she has two mother pigs already which could help her family to survive.

Nanay Lita’s story
Nanay Lita is 65 years old, both husband and wife are scavengers. Nanay Lita was so happy when one of her names was picked from the draw lots. She dreams to have piglets to help her family. After 6 months,
she sold the two pigs for Php 12.800.00 and paid her credit 10,000.00 pesos and leave the one pig. This pig is pregnant and hopefully could bear many piglets.

But before we gave them the three piglets each and Php4,000.00 to buy food starter for the piglets and pig houses, we conducted a seminar on “How to take care of pigs”

People from the landfill were attentive listening to Sir Louie.
After the Seminar on Hog Raising, to encourage a unity within the group we gave a teambuilding seminar given by Dr. Larafoster.

Now the micro credit has been pass through to other five families again namely:

Amy – unsre Gute Seele. Sie arbeitet ehrenamtlich jeden Tag auf der Müllhalde um den Menschen zu helfen. We love you Amy.

Der gesamte Bericht kann hier runtergeladen werden.

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